Candle Making Experience - Here's the Process!

You are here to experience creating your own candle!! We are delighted you chose Simply Naked Candle Company!

Here is the Candle Making Process:

1. Place your containers with the Soy wax in it onto the burner and press the first purple button
2. Choose up to 3 fragrances (place a drop or 2 of fragrances you want to blend on the perfume sheet and smell)
3. Once you have chosen your top fragrances place a few drops of each in your shot glass stir and smell.
4. If you like that blend continue to put those fragrances in the shot glass until they measure .5 ounce on the shot glass
5. When you hear the beep and see the 2nd purple light flash add the fragrance blend.
6. Continue to blend the soy wax and fragrance oils by stirring occasionally until you hear the 2nd beep and 3rd light blink
7. Pour the wax and oil blend into the candle vessel of your choice
8. Place hot wax pot on tray not back on warming plate.